Monday, January 10, 2005

getting creative

some more amusing brevity:

Thanks to a story in Wired, I've become aware of the amusing Gates quote about redefining intellectual property and the resulting "creative communists/commonists" fad centering around the creative commons movement. I've always been a fan of creative commons -- another cool thing they're doing is hosting the "the fine art of sampling" contest which has already revealed to me that I have absolutely no patience for music sampling... it's fun to do in my head, but a pain to actually try and do on a computer.

Anyways, "Giant Robot Printing" is selling "Creative Commies" t-shirts which are quite nice and very reasonably priced ($8-10 after s&h). Gonna order me one in a little bit. Sadly no money from the shirt goes to support CC, so if you're feeling a bit more generous, check out your donating options. Of course, if you're in a giving spirit, be sure to remember recent victims as well as multitude of always deserving.

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  1. That's the oldest trick in the book, Scheming Sheep and their Woolly Ways, page 376. The sheep wait until some shmoe dozes off while counting and then carjack him. You see how that one on the right is eyeing the guy's hubcaps?

    "Alloy wheels...baaahh..." *sheep drool*


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