Sunday, July 31, 2005

Full disclosure

For readers of ye olde blog who aren't up-to-date with the more meanigful aspects of my life, a quick update on the parts of the world which I revolve around and, on occaision, revolve around me.

I've moved to the upper Upper East Side of NYC and begun working full-time for a relatively young company named Google, Inc. As their headquarters are in Mountain View, I'm working in their remote office in midtown Manhattan.

Amusingly enough, Google has made me part of the Blogger team. That's right, I now spend my time making this site better and cooler. I'm really enjoying my first few weeks at work and I look forward to (positively) impacting company and... the world. At least the internety parts of it.


  1. Hey, cool. I work in Manhattan, too. We should hang out sometime!

    Arista K. ;-)

  2. All I want to know is: when is your sister coming to visit?

    ~P. Alexi

  3. Yo, Akshay, long time no see. It's your boy Larry. I'm up in Stamfizzle, and we need to get together sometime soon. Isn't Tudor down there too? Are you guys rooming together? Give me a call, I think you have my number.


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