Friday, August 19, 2005

blogger hack

So you super observant readers might notice this, but the ( ! )'s main page has changed subtly. Now under each post, you can not only see how many people have commented, but who has commented.
It's a neat little feature I found out about here. There are lots of other "hacks" you can add to your blog that I might try playing with in the future too.


  1. sleepy's should be called "sleezy's
    they would not honor their advertised 20% match anyones prices,i just came from the toms river location and what a crook this guy JOHN(would not give me a biz card or last name)i had proof of sale from boscovs across the street and he still would not honor it,STAY AWAY from sleepy's.
    i will file a complaint with the better biz bureau.
    dave melegari

  2. I got a Kingstown Empire PT Full MAT from Sleepys 3 months back. Right from the beginning the bed has been very uncomfortable. I am about 145 lbs and my body becomes the shape of a triangle when i sleep on it. This bed was sold me by the customer service representative. So I called up Sleepys to have an inspector come over and the inspectors report said:

    1. Lumpy
    2. 1" Middle Left Side
    3. Matt has 1 lump 1st row

    The inspector mentioned that should be the reason for Sleepys to provide me with a warranty exchange. Then I got a letter saying that :

    "Both the warranty and foundation are up to the manufacturers standards as stated in your warranty and booklet."

    I went through the booklet and called up Sleepys again to mention that there is no mention of 1" lump. They decided to do nothing about it. I am stuck with this inconvenient mattress. Sleepys is a monopoly and has recently been sued by New Jersey State. Like thousands of others who have been victim of their false and dirty business practice and I really hope they go out of business.


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