Thursday, March 02, 2006

all grown up

Well, I guess I graduated almost 2 years ago, but it's amazing to see people I knew in school having a noticible impact on the world around me.

  • At work, everyone loves playing Guitar Hero -- a game for the PS2 that Ethan Fenn ('04) helped develop. I remember that when I asked what he was working on, he said "it's a kind of music game." Man, it's a lot cooler than he made it sound.
  • iPod Hi-Fi. Home Stereo. Reinvented -- it's Apple's version of the Bose base, and what WeyWey Lin ('06) worked on last summer during her internship (I actually got to be the first person to tell her it had finally launched)
  • I always knew he would shake things up, but it was still crazy to see an article by Keith Winstein ('04) on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
  • At a party two weeks ago, I met a girl who mentioned that she was going to a concert this week. The performing artist? Vudoo Soul. Or, if you knew him in school, Chris Vu ('04). It was great to see and hear him again; especially with friends who only knew him as that voice they loved.

Makes me want to go out and do something. All in good time, I hope....


  1. None of my friends have graduated yet. If I didn't know they all had good reasons, I'd blame the OME.


  2. i must be the biggest underachiever ever. :(


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