Sunday, April 30, 2006

colbert mocks bush

Last night, Stephen Colbert gave a speech mocking President Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which Bush attended. The video (a 3 parter on YouTube on Google Video) is pretty long, but quite funny. It's getting some "blogosphere" buzz... will it go viral like Jon Stewart's "Crossfire" appearance?

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  1. The big thing about Stewart on Crossfire was that he said things that was unexpectedly honest for the format and for his "character."

    1) Colbert was totally in character (he even recycled jokes).
    2) He totally bombed. It was like watching Stewart host the Oscars all over again.
    3) Bush was funnier than he was. Do they have Bush's speech on YouTube? (Or you can BitTorrent it...or you could just watch C-SPAN).

    Basically, if this goes "viral," then people are really bored. Then again "Stick It" made more money on opening day than "United 93," so what do I know 'bout people?



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