Monday, August 14, 2006

back to beta

I never could tell anyone what exactly I was working on at, but now a year's worth of work is finally coming to fruition and has just launched (details) with this being the first public post ever made on the new system!

Excuse me while I go celebrate =)


  1. Oh, lame, I can't switch. You're such a tease!

    P.S. Can't you, ah, fix that? I'm seriously jonesing for some beta. :(

  2. Firstly, good work. I was rather stoked for something like this to happen but dissapointed that old sites on Blogger with custom templates can't switch over easily.

    Don't mean to be terribly negative, but as a long time Blogger user, I was hoping not to have to switch to another platform. It seems like I may have to though.


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