Thursday, September 27, 2007

me + microsoft's new search

Microsoft launched a major update to "Live Search" so, being the vain techie I am, I did a little vanity search to see their results:

The first result for my name is for a term paper I wrote my senior year of undergrad, which is appears to be more important than my undergrad personal website. Also apparently you can find me on eBay, which certainly good news for those of you who've been dying to get your hands on me.

Taking a look at Google's results:

First result is this blog, second is my undergrad website, third is my master's thesis. No ads. Sadly neither search engine has picked up on my current homepage, so there's still work to be done for both... Akshay Patil, Akshay, Patil -- there, that should do it.

(To round out the coverage: Yahoo thinks my last name is a misspelling of "Patel" & gets my undergrad website as result 1, but has a spam blog as result 3)

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