Sunday, February 10, 2008

a brief dispatch

Heading off to the airport with Andrew C. soon to drive on down the Great Ocean Road for a few days. The weather here in Sydney has finally turned for the better -- reasonable stretches of sunniness punctuated by brief rain storms. I even went to the beach yesterday (boogie boarding is fun, currents were surprisingly strong).

I managed to knock off the two "must dos" of Sydney on Wednesday (the only gloriously sunny day we've had here) which were the Taronga Zoo and take a ferry to Manly Beach. I've now managed to not tour the Sydney Opera House twice now, thanks to tickets selling out and me showing up after they closed. Partially due to this, I've spent a fair amount of time wandering my way through most of downtown Sydney and getting a feel for how things are laid out.

Don't have anything much more to say at the moment... I've been keeping notes and maybe I'll write up some posts whilst we're driving (or maybe I'll actually look out the car window).

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