Tuesday, November 23, 2004

state of the union

I had some time to reflect and watch some non-primetime television this weekend. Some strange and pessimistic musings resulted:

  • Britney Spears is releasing a "greatest hits" CD/DVD entitled "My Prerogative". Greatest Hits. This is a performer in her young 20s (no, I don't know how old she is, and I'm happy that I don't) who puts words like "prerogative" in album titles. How does she have a greatest hits album already? I'm left flabbergasted.
  • My favorite gelato place in the country used to charge $2.25 for two scoops, no charge for the cone. That was August of 2003. Now it charges $2.75 for two scoops, $0.25 for the cone.
  • The number one movie in the US this weekend features a plot line focusing around a character named "Benjamin Franklin Gates". How serious a lack of creativity do you suffer from that you go about naming a character that? Let alone your main character. Runner up, Sponge-Bob. They should just re-release "Kangaroo Jack" and ban everyone who shows up to theaters from ever buying a movie ticket again.

Not to mention, I forgot poland.


  1. my prerogative is a bobby brown cover.

  2. good call -- my knowledge of 80s music is a bit lacking.

    that would also explain why the word is in her immediate vocabulary...


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